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Curing Light LED LEDEX - Dentmate WL-070 Gift Card - $80


  • $33000

LEDEX WL-070 Curing Light

The smart Ledex WL-070 LED Curing Light is so affordable that you can have one on hand by every chair! With a light intensity of 1,000mW/cm2 and a wavelength of 440-480nm, the WL-070 delivers fast, dependable curing.

  • Simple, two-button operation.
  • Timer settings of 10, 20, 30 and 40 seconds with audible beeps every 5 seconds as well as digital display countdown.
  • Built-in heat management system prevents overheating.
  • Long-lasting, rechargeable battery provides more than 240 10-second curing cycles on a two-hour charge. Can also be plugged in and used as a corded light, if necessary.
  • 8mm glass fiberoptic light guide is removable and autoclavable.
  • Slim, lightweight unit weighs only 4.2 oz. and measures 8-3⁄4" long.

Each light comes complete with an 8mm fiberoptic light guide, mini USB charger, orange bonding shield, two anti-glare shields, silicone resting stand and 20 sheaths. Two year warranty. Specify color.

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