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Beautifil II Syringe - (A-shades) Gift card $20 (Buy Min of 3)


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Beautifil II Syringe - Shofu 4.5ml

 $20 gift card 

Min of 3 

Net price : $50

Beautifil® II is a universal nanohybrid composite incorporating S-PRG (surface pre-reacted glass ionomer) technology that contains a stable phase of glass-ionomer for esthetic and long-lasting restorations that release and recharge fluoride. Beautifil® II responds to the concentration of fluoride in the mouth while maintaining the strength and stability of a composite resin. High filler load and high flexural strength ensure long-term stability under rigorous intraoral conditions for anterior and posterior restorations, direct laminate veneers and core buildups.

  • Ideal light transmission and optical characteristics impart excellent shade reproduction with a chameleon effect by simulating the internal structure of natural teeth
  • Anti-plaque effect minimizes plaque adhesion, inhibits bacterial colonization and plaque accumulation
  • Fast and easy polishing creates an outstanding surface luster that remains over time


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